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Amazon CEO won’t push employees back to office

Amazon CEO

Andy Jassy, the Amazon CEO, has stated that the corporation would not soon require corporate employees to report back to office.

According to CNBC, Amazon has hinted at a “office-centric culture” in the wake of a home working order in early 2020 caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite this, in his recent talk at the Code Conference, Jassy stated, “We don’t have a strategy to require people to come back,” despite the fact that it has been well over a year since October 2021 when managers were given the freedom to determine the working schedules of their staff.

The Comeback of Amazon to Work

In the future, he says, the corporation will “move adaptively as we learn,” which might mean more autonomy for select groups within the workforce.

As an example, according to Amazon CEO, hardware and creative departments have partially relocated back to the office, but engineers continue to demonstrate a preference for working remotely.

“I do think there are some things that are difficult to do remotely… I think it’s a little harder to invent remotely,” Amazon CEO said.

Amazon has also changed its hiring practises as a result of the epidemic, saying that it is more open to admitting employees from remote locations and is more tolerant of those who come from varied cultural backgrounds than it was before the outbreak.

The novel approach taken by the company is in contrast to that of many other tech giants, such as Google and Apple, which require employees to spend at least three days a week in the office.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has wrote an email to all relevant employees demanding their immediate return to work or face termination.

We don’t yet know if Amazon will continue to support the WFH way of life, but for now, it makes a lot of employees more interested in their jobs.

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