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Amazon wants to cut your shipping costs


Amazon is releasing an updated version of its Veeqo multi-channel shipping software that it claims would significantly reduce delivery costs for online retailers.

Users of Veeqo may take advantage of shipping discounts from companies like UPS, US Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx by integrating the app with their preferred sales platform. This includes not only Amazon but also third-party platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

Plus, Veeqo’s “rate-shopping” function, which takes into account the dimensions and weight of an order, always finds the best delivery option.

Cost for this?

Before Amazon bought it in early 2022 for an undisclosed sum, Veeqo cost $450 per month. Now it’s free. Veeqo users will just have to pay the cost of carrier labels when shipping.

With Amazon at the helm, Veeqo users will have access to a suite of new tools, including a comprehensive inventory management system that will make it easier to keep tabs on stock levels across multiple warehouses.

In addition, new reporting and forecasting services will be made available to users, allowing retailers to make informed stock decisions based on metrics including inventory performance, historical stock, and financial data.

Sellers on in the United States can now get their hands on Veeqo, with preview access to the new features before its official release later this year.

Existing Veeqo merchants in the UK will get free access to the legacy product today when the new features are out.

Amazon’s retail operation in the UK is expanding rapidly, and the company might soon join the ranks of John Lewis and Alliance Boots as one of the largest private sector employees in the UK, with a workforce that would surpass even that of the British Army.

Amazon recently made an announcement that as part of a large hiring push, the company would be creating 4,000 new permanent jobs in the United Kingdom, with many of these positions being located in the city’s warehouses in both London and Manchester.

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