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AMD latest laptop CPUs require fresh names


AMD has a new naming method for its laptop processors starting in 2023, when a new set of families arrives.

In a blog post, the Ryzen 5 7640U is used to explain the new system. The first character of ‘7640U’ denotes the model year, 2023 for Ryzen 7 family (alongside Ryzen 7000 desktop chips). AMD plans Ryzen 8 for 2024 and Ryzen 9 for 2025.

The second digit indicates the market sector, therefore a 6 indicates a Ryzen 5 model. Confused? Both 5 and 6 are Ryzen 5 CPUs, with the 6 being significantly more powerful (upper mid-range).

The third character represents the architecture, Zen 4, and the last 0 specifies ‘feature isolation’ U is a lower-power mobile CPU, as HX and HS are currently.

A 7530U from the 2023 family is a Ryzen 5 model built on Zen 3, with the 0 signifying it’s the original Zen 3 architecture. If it were a 7535U, the final 5 would indicate Zen 3+. (the refined take on the Zen 3 architecture).

Mendocino, the most basic 7020 series for everyday computing, will debut next year based on the Zen 2 architecture. Barcelo-R is for standard thin-and-lights (based on Zen 3) while Rembrandt-R is for premium thin-and-lights (Zen 3+).

Phoenix (7040 series) and Dragon Range (7045 series) are at the top. Phoenix will have fewer CPU cores but beefier integrated graphics than Skylake (as the kind of high-end gaming laptops that Dragon Range will be deployed in will likely have their own discrete GPU, so no need for an integrated solution).

Names matter. Diverse opinions

Face it. Many individuals don’t care about names because they’re just strings of numbers and letters. As long as you can tell at a look the power of a mobile CPU, most people don’t care if it’s built on Zen 3, Zen 3+, or Zen 4.

This name scheme, with its unique intricacies, is for enthusiasts. It’ll be handy for those people when a new mobile CPU uses an old architecture, a ploy AMD likes to use – and especially next year, when so many different laptop processors are being produced, as we’ve seen.

Ryzen 5 processors are labelled as 5 or 6, and Ryzen 3 as 3 or 4. The greater the second number, the better the processor. Ryzen 3 74xx is somewhat faster than Ryzen 3 73xx. Easy. (Athlon Silver and Gold are mobile CPUs 71xx and 72xx).

It should all work out once users get used to the new naming method, and it seems sensible to assist techies tell not just the generation and performance level, but the architecture (and its refinement).

As we’ve seen, next-gen desktop processors, which arrive later this month, won’t alter in terms of name, staying with the customary Ryzen 9 7950X, 7900X, etc.

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