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Apple halts iPhone 14 production

iPhone 14 production

Apple reportedly scrapped plans to increase iPhone 14 production after sales proved to be weaker than expected.

According to reports, the corporation expected a rise in demand after the introduction and had planned to raise iPhone 14 production by as much as six million units in the second half of 2022.

In light of the fact that this outcome did not occur, Apple has decided to revert to its prior production schedule of 90 million phones.

Constantly rising smartphone demand in China

Multiple factors may explain why Apple has not seen an uptick in sales. The most obvious explanation for demand levels is unfavorable macroeconomic conditions, even though supply chain issues brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic are diminishing.

As a result of inflation and the increased expense of living, many families have either stopped buying or put off buying expensive electronics. Some researchers predict a decline in the worldwide smartphone market in 2018.

China, the world’s largest mobile market, is feeling the repercussions more acutely than anywhere else. The iPhone 14 lineup has sold 11% fewer units in its first three days on sale compared to last year’s iPhone 13.

Interest in the more expensive iPhone 14 variants, however, is stronger than that of the baseline model, according to the same research. Apple may now allocate more of its manufacturing resources to its more expensive models, bringing in larger profits and improving the company’s bottom line.

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