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Atlas VPN will secure Linux data now

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN now supports Linux, and with the update, the NordVPN-owned company covers all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Amazon Fire TV.

Currently, only Ubuntu users may take advantage of this feature, but the business has promised to expand support to other Linux distributions in the near future.

Improved safety for Linux users

Linux is among the most secure operating systems available, yet its users are still vulnerable to invasions of privacy such as governmental snooping, censorship, and surveillance.

The PR Manager of Atlas VPN, Ruta Cizinauskaite, stated that “VPN can assist Linux users safeguard their personal information from unwanted third-party tracking and interception by encrypting their Internet traffic and providing a layer of security between their Linux computer and the internet.”

Not only that, but now Linux users may take use of Atlas VPN’s many strengths as well.

Modern WireGuard protocol is supported by Atlas VPN, which allows for quicker connection rates than OpenVPN while still providing great privacy protections.

Without constantly having to move servers, users on the Atlas SafeSwap network can take advantage of a large pool of dynamic IP addresses. It also has a function called “MultiHop” that allows users to have their connection routed via various server locations, which provides additional anonymity and encryption layers.

Furthermore, further safety measures are also in the works. There is a kill switch available to ensure no data is leaked even if the VPN connection drops.

Atlas VPN Linux installation

Linux Atlas VPN setup is easy for other devices. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the Altas VPN website(opens in new tab) to subscribe and create an account;
  2. Download the Atlas repository package on your device;
  3. Open the terminal and runsudo dpkg -i {/path/to/}atlasvpn-repo.deb && sudo apt update
  4. Enter the last bit of code to install Atlas VPNsudo apt install atlasvpn
  5. You are now ready to sign-in to your account to connect your Atlas VPN and enjoy better online privacy!

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