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Canva introduces a new office suite to enhance workflow


Canva has released several new features intended to expand the company’s user base and, by extension, its revenue stream. Also, this is no minor upgrade; users will be able to test out not one, but six whole new features and enhancements.

The latest revisions to the company’s in-house word processor, Docs, provide similar functionality to that of Google Docs and its competitors, such as comments for enhanced collaboration and a revision history to facilitate more efficient work. The company is also emphasising that customers will get access to more than 100 million design assets from within the company’s own library to enhance the visual attractiveness of their documents.

The update also includes a new remote functionality for Canva Presentations so that presenters can manage their show from a remote device.

Enhancements to Canva’s Editor

The company has also launched a website creation tool simply called “Websites.” There are hundreds of “responsive professional-level” templates available, and users can even use their own domains and secure their sites with passwords. Perhaps more importantly, the Design Insights tool provides administrators with access to metrics like page visits, which may be of greater importance to business owners.

The ability to import data into the Data Visualization tool in order to make interactive displays is yet another addition to this substantial release. Pre-determined templates are also available, just like the other recently launched tools above, to make the processing as simple as possible.

The Canva Video Suite also got some upgrades. It is no longer necessary to have “expansive budgets or advanced software” in order to erase video backgrounds, as claimed by the firm.

The new Whiteboards app is designed to enable group work through brainstorming. It includes sticky notes, images, and sketches, as well as a timer to keep sessions on track.

From what we can see, Canva is well on its way to securing a larger part of the market because to its focus on easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing collaboration and productivity solutions.

The company claims that as workplaces become more dispersed and internal communications become more visual, the need for seamless visual communications is increasing in significance.

Canva is a more simplified solution because it provides more tools to get the job done, which could lead to organisations cancelling unused subscriptions.

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