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Cloudflare eSim protects mobile devices

Cloudflare eSim

The new Cloudflare eSim uses the “never trust, always verify” zero trust security paradigm, which means no device is automatically trusted, even if it has been confirmed before or is connected to a gated corporate network.

It’s not shocking that this topic would pique people’s interest; mobile devices remain a popular entry point for hackers trying to breach corporate networks, and in 2022, cybersecurity firm Zimperium analysed over half a million phishing sites and found a 50% increase in the number of mobile-specific phishing websites.

Advantages for the Consumers

If employees agree to let Cloudflare carry their work-related traffic over a SIM card on a Zero Trust network, their employers will cover their monthly data use.

Cloudflare said consumers may immediately adopt the solution by scanning a QR code with their mobile device’s camera.

According to Cloudflare, the new SIM will allow organizations to shield their employees from potentially harmful websites by filtering out DNS requests using the company’s Cloudflare Gateway.

As stated by Cloudflare, “an eSIM-first strategy allows us to prevent SIM-swapping or cloning attacks, and by locking SIMs to individual staff devices, apply the same precautions to physical SIMs,” the new SIM will also aid businesses in preventing conventional SIM-based attacks.

Furthermore, the new eSIM card will enable secure, identity-based connections to the cloud, on-premises infrastructure, and IoT device fleets by leveraging the company’s WAN-as-a-service technology, Magic WAN.

In order to prepare for a future rollout to clients in specific countries, Cloudflare is apparently testing Zero Trust SIM on its own network.

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