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Deathloop is now on Xbox Series X


The PS5 shooter Deathloop appears to be coming to Xbox systems soon, signaling the end of its PlayStation console exclusivity.

An advertisement for Deathloop, which originally released as a PlayStation 5 timed exclusive, has recently emerged on the Xbox Series X|S home screen, a full year after the game’s initial release. In the dashboard’s ‘Store’ area, a tile shows a game promo image with the text “pre-order now.”

The ad is presently inoperable. When I clicked the Microsoft Store app, it opened for a second before freezing on a buffer screen. The ad hints Deathloop will be arriving to Xbox soon.

Optimal time

The death-defying platformer Deathloop was said to be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 by the year’s end. Pre-launch marketing materials, including a gameplay trailer, hinted that the Xbox port wouldn’t arrive until at least a year after the game’s first release, in September 2022.

Its switch to Xbox Series X|S was inevitable. Even though Microsoft owns both Bethesda and Arkane, Sony’s PS5 was the only platform to get Deathloop. Sony established the game’s PS5 exclusivity before Microsoft bought Bethesda, leaving the Xbox owner to publish on its greatest rival’s console.

It’s likely that Deathloop will also be available on Xbox Game Pass. To strengthen the value of the service, Microsoft has been eager to include games developed in-house and games released by Bethesda. Now that games like Dishonored 2 and Doom Eternal are available for the platform (and Starfield is on the way), we can probably assume that Deathloop won’t be far behind.

Sony has only just added the game to the Extra and Premium tiers of PS Plus, so it won’t be leaving the PS5 anytime soon.

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