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Home ยป Dell XPS 13 Plus owners have issues with the OLED display

Dell XPS 13 Plus owners have issues with the OLED display

Dell XPS 13 Plus

There have been recent complaints of serious problems with the OLED display on some Dell XPS 13 Plus notebooks.

According to a statement issued to The Verge, the corporation is contacting anyone affected. The Dell XPS 13 Plus, a gorgeous but ultimately problematic notebook, has issues with the screen adhesive coming out.

A video shows a screen falling off in a Best Buy demo area, and there have been claims of screens dying, flashing unusual colours, or touchscreens failing.

Dell has determined the issue to be caused by a third-party adhesive and is reaching out to affected users. However, Dell told The Verge that this issue only affects OLED XPS 13 models, not non-OLED screens.

Dell’s future

The Dell XPS 13 Plus is a high-profile Ultrabook, and reviews have been mixed. But the touch bar and touchpad are serious accessibility difficulties, according to our review.

Therefore, with complaints of OLED panel problems, Dell’s image isn’t helped. If not mitigated promptly, this could harm the company’s reputation. So this is an Ultrabook, which commands a premium price for a high-quality build.

This OLED problem, if widespread, could undermine consumer faith in other Dell goods. Hopefully, the XPS 13 Plus won’t be like the HP Touchpad, whose sales were suspended after design faults were discovered.

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