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Discover Logitech new Steam Deck competitor here


The upcoming handheld device from Logitech looks suspiciously like a cross between a Steam Deck and a Nintendo Switch.

Logitech’s handheld console follows Valve’s Steam Deck. It plans to unveil a portable cloud gaming device later this year but hasn’t provided graphics.

Evan Blass, a prolific leaker, tweeted three photos of the console. Logitech deleted all three, verifying their legitimacy. Other social media users reuploaded them.

Confronting the Nintendo Deck

The console resembles the Nintendo Switch. Off-center analogue sticks flank the main screen. Four buttons sit opposite a D-pad. Each corner has a bumper and trigger, home button, and memory card slot. The console’s bottom edge has an audio jack and a yellow Logitech button.

Its UI looks like the Nintendo Switch, including a carousel of apps on the main screen. One of the apps shown is Google Play Store, suggesting the handheld would handle several Android games.

The portable appears to have two protruding handles on each side, like the Steam Deck. The device’s software may make it a Valve competitor. Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now let you stream triple-A games from anywhere with a strong internet connection.

Logitech’s new gear is a portable console that lets you play PS5 and Xbox Series X|S games. How competitive the system is will depend on its price.

Logitech expects to debut the console later this year, but we don’t know its name or screen size. A clever workaround lets Steam Deck owners play Xbox Game Pass.

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