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Emotet is the worst malware, but not for long


As the summer holidays begin, Emotet, one of the world’s most notorious trojans/malware/droppers, looks to be losing steam.

Check Point Research’s Global Threat Index for July 2022 revealed Emotet’s global impact declined by 50% from June, but it’s still the reigning champion among malware and won’t change soon.

Maya Horowitz, VP Research at Check Point Software, claimed Emotet dominates monthly malware rankings. This botnet adapts to persist and evade. Its latest invention is a credit card stealer module, so businesses and consumers must be careful when shopping online. Microsoft has said it would restrict macros by default, so we’ll see how malware like Snake Keylogger adapts.

Emotet leads

Last month was Emotet’s apex, researchers said, and it’s returning to its regular global influence. While it’s hard to say for sure what caused this dip, researchers believe it’s due to the summer holidays and not because the threat actor is retreating. Emotet’s new features prove these assertions.

Emotet is the world’s most widespread malware, affecting 7% of computers. Formbook is second with 3%, then XMRig with 2%. Formbook is a six-year-old infostealer for Windows that steals data from web browsers, takes screenshots, logs keystrokes, and downloads and executes files.

XMRig mines the XMR (Monero) cryptocurrency for attackers. While XMRig isn’t a virus and doesn’t steal data or destroy the endpoint it’s placed on, it uses up much of the device’s computing resources, leaving it slow and underperforming.

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