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Facebook will no longer support Neighborhoods


Meta has stated that it would discontinue Facebook Neighborhoods on October 1, adding that service to its growing list of targets.

Matt Navarra tweeted a screenshot of Meta project manager Tohm making the news on a Facebook Group. The project manager says Group for Neighborhoods will go down on September 7 and October 1.

Facebook Neighborhoods is Meta’s equivalent to Nextdoor, a social networking programme where locals can share messages, news, and products. Neighborhoods debuted as a test programme in Calgary, Canada in late 2020 before expanding to the rest of Canada and select US cities in May 2021.

Neighborhoods is similar to Facebook Groups, but allows users to build individual accounts for their locality. The service had privacy issues. Hence, some feared Neighborhoods may be used to harvest user data and target adverts.


Meta’s decision to close Neighborhoods was first unknown. Meta’s project manager didn’t explain why.

Meta told us “the best way to support local communities is through Groups.” Facebook Groups already completed the job Neighborhoods was designed to do.

Plus, Meta is working to make Facebook’s search function a “discovery engine.” This “discovery engine” will feature local material and groups to help find public communities. Instagram Reels will be prioritised to let people share and discuss interests.

Therefore, Meta refocuses on improved features. The internet behemoth has recently eliminated controversial features, including Neighborhoods.

Meta’s cancellations

Meta created a number of online tools during the COVID-19 pandemic to encourage individuals to spend more time online. So the corporation has gradually eliminated them.

During the outbreak, Facebook Live Shopping, Novi, and Facebook Gaming were all cancelled. However, Some programmes, like Tuned, have survived thus far, but for how long?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed the company is experiencing “one of the biggest downturns in recent history” If this slump is the cause, expect many more things to be cut.

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