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Fixing Apple Studio Display is easy

Apple's Studio

Fixing Apple Studio Display’s audio fault is easy. Apple’s flagship monitor has an unpleasant audio fault, but there’s a fix. The Studio Display’s smart features have caused more problems than solutions. Experts like Michael Tsai have sent Apple evidence of periodic audio dropouts.

Apple suggests unplugging the Studio Display and any accessories or devices, waiting ten seconds, and then plugging it back in. In a statement to approved Apple suppliers, the company said the issue isn’t hardware-related and may be fixed by an iOS upgrade.


A simple power cycle fixes this issue, proving that while inconvenient, it’s software-based and not hardware-based. This monitor software issue raises the question of whether over-engineering was necessary. This display runs iOS 15.4 and has hardware features beyond regular monitors.

Were these features worth it with ongoing issues? Some say iOS 15.4 makes this iMac a sleeper. These smart features could also boost iPad Pros. The Studio Display’s honeymoon phase has ended for Apple enthusiasts, and others feel it’s unnecessary. Apple’s intention with the Studio Display was to integrate a few desk devices inside the monitor.

This simplifies the workstation and workflow. Unplug and replug your iOS-powered monitor until a software patch is issued.

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