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Future Slack features will streamline and automate workflow


Slack, a platform for group messaging and file sharing, has updated its Workflow Builder app with additional automation tools designed to streamline processes.

Workflow Builder, which debuted in November 2021, is a tool for automating “routine procedures” in Slack without the need for programming. This toolbox may be with minimal effort.

As an example, a user may set up an automated system for requesting time off in a Slack channel, saving their coworkers the trouble of having to switch between several apps or websites. However, the tool’s capabilities are somewhat limited; this update will shortly rectify that.

New splitter

Via the future months, you’ll be able to transmit workflow links in Slack channels or direct messages.

Copying and pasting creates an interactive preview, not just a hyperlink. One click approves or denies a request.

Workflow Builder will get a branching tool early next year.

This branching tool uses “if-then” phrases to change workflow. Say you give your manager a branching request for a week off. Your boss can approve or disapprove the request.

If your manager approves, you’ll get a notification saying you’re off. If your manager declines the request, you’ll receive a message explaining why.

This looks like a little change. Managers must design new workflows for each request, the company says. Branching technologies attempt to relieve Slack’s tiresome processes.


Less-impactful features are still welcome. Workflow Builder allows users to automatically create channels and pin documents. New notifications will show pending requests.

The upgrade is built of modest changes rather than one killer feature. Workflows have climbed by 160% in 2022 compared to last year, according to Slack. Workflow Builder users hope this number grows.

We contacted Slack for a launch date for Workflow Builder. A business official confirmed the update’s ambiguous release date. Expect workflow connectivity by year’s end.

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