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Garmin inReach Messenger could save your off-grid trip

inReach Messenger

InReach Messenger is Garmin’s latest offline gadget. If you’re in a dangerous scenario without phone coverage, you can use this device to send an SOS message.

Even if you’re using one of the best Garmin watches to keep track of your journey, this new device could save your life if you’re ever in a bind while out in the wilderness.

The inReach Messenger is Garmin’s successor to the InReach Mini 2. It works similarly to the InReach Mini 2, pairing with your phone using the InReach Messenger app and then switching to a satellite connection when it senses you’re no longer in cell phone range.

If you’re ever in danger while using your inReach Messenger, you can activate a 24-hour emergency response by pressing the SOS button on the device.

Using the inReach Messenger, the team can contact the user’s emergency contacts and alert the proper authorities.

In addition to being an emergency beacon, it also functions as a tracker, allowing your loved ones to monitor your whereabouts at all times, whether you’re on a hike up a nearby mountain or out in the middle of nowhere. The compact phone charger-like device weighs only 14 grammes and measures 3.1 by 2.5 inches (or 7.9 by 6 centimetres). Besides being able to charge your phone in reverse, it also features a messaging service for its tiny screen.

The new Garmin may be used independently (useful if your phone dies) or with InReach Messenger software (which works with 80 other Garmin gadgets, such as wearables, handhelds, and navigators) for $299 (£249.99) or A$469.00.

The InReach Messenger’s battery life lasts up to 28 days on a single charge, more than twice as long as the InReach Mini 2.

Could this technology completely alter the game for adventurers?

Because manufacturers of fitness technology are aware that consumers want more from their devices, such safety features, they have developed a product that can provide some peace of mind while adventuring.

Garmin isn’t the first company to market similar software. If you take a serious fall, the Apple Watch can notify your emergency contacts or even call 911 for you. If you are not in range of a cell tower or Wi-Fi network, you can still send a text message in case of an emergency using the satellite feature of the Apple 14.

But the major selling point is the lengthy battery life; few modern gadgets can endure for more than a few days, let alone over a month. Meanwhile, the app is a fantastic bonus because it allows you to write more detailed notes to your loved ones.

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