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Get an older or pre-owned Amazon Kindle today

Amazon Kindle

The new Amazon Kindle (2022) boasts a USB-C connector and high-res screen, but it follows a disturbing trend among the company’s E Ink devices.

The new Kindle costs $10 / £15 more than its predecessor, the Kindle (2019), at $99.99 / £84.99.

The Kindle Paperwhite (2021) priced £10 more than its predecessor in the UK (but the same in the US and Australia). Other Amazon gadgets aren’t spared from similar price rises. The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) costs $10 / £10 more than the previous-gen model.

Newer products all use USB-C instead of micro USB, and they have larger capacity by default, so you’re not losing value.

But if you just want the hardware without bothering about specs, you’re still paying more for the latest products. This is a fantastic reminder that it’s possible to buy a device on a budget.

Predecessors exist

Even while Amazon makes a big deal about its latest, greatest Kindle models, it often keeps the earlier versions of the device in stock.

The normal Kindle is the 2019 model, while the Paperwhite is the 2018 one. The high-end Oasis hasn’t been updated since 2019, therefore the current-gen version is ancient.

Some users may not mind purchasing an older Kindle because the improvements aren’t always worth the cost.

Plus, as we’ve noted, these versions are cheaper than the newer ones, and that’s not even counting the numerous price drops and discounts they see.

Used Kindles

Kindles are designed to last longer than smartphones or tablets, so consumers aren’t likely to sell them until they’re broken.

Buying a refurbished or renewed Kindle can save you money on an older gadget that may work just as well as a modern one.

Before the debut of a new Kindle, many individuals may trade in their older versions for the new one, especially when the 2022 model has USB-C, a popular feature.

There are more reconditioned sites online besides Amazon’s. You may also buy second-hand, non-renewable devices on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, although quality is less guaranteed.

Saving money is worthwhile

We recommend buying older or refurbished Kindles over most electronics.

Used electronics are often slower, have shorter battery lives, and have scuff marks, but not Kindles. Amazon’s ereaders are slow, with long-lasting batteries that take years to lose power.

The second-hand market for Kindles isn’t as strong as for smartphones, but that makes buying older versions more appealing. Before buying a ‘new’ ereader, examine alternative markets.

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