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GoDaddy has Google Ads to boost site traffic

Google Ads

A new Google Ads solution is now available through GoDaddy’s marketing dashboard, thanks to a collaboration between the two companies.

Clients of GoDaddy can now opt to pay only when a user actually clicks on their ad, thanks to the new pay-per-click model. This is part of an effort to give customers centralized control over all aspects of their marketing.

According to GoDaddy, the new integration will make it easier to tailor and make numerous sponsored Google ads, employing keywords and themes, for any size budget.

GoDaddy’s Google Ads

Advertisers can choose from a pool of potential titles and descriptions generated by Google’s algorithm or provide their own suggestions for up to three headlines and two body paragraphs before launching a campaign.

Then, Google will combine ads’ names and descriptions across its various services, including Maps, YouTube, and Search, all by itself. It will also analyse user data to determine which ad combinations will best achieve the user’s campaign objectives.

Google is currently offering new users of Google Ads $500 (£467.78) in ad credits if they spend $500 (£467.78) within the first 60 days after registering an account.

According to a blog post by GoDaddy’s director of product, Sudha Reddy: “By combining the ease of GoDaddy’s suite of marketing tools with the massive reach of Google, entrepreneurs and small to midsize business owners are set up for success in a crowded marketplace where every click counts.”

The new approach can extend beyond a certain region or target a specific area (useful for in-person sales and events) (for online sales or brand awareness).

Once a campaign is live, users may check the GoDaddy marketing dashboard to see how their audience is responding.

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