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Google Assistant leak ends “Hey Google”

Google Assistant

Leaks suggest that the Google Nest Hub Max will soon have the ability to add user-defined “quick phrases” to the Google Assistant, making it much easier to handle smart home devices.

Usually, you must say “Hey Google” before giving your Google Assistant a command.

You can ask Google to “Turn on the kitchen lights” or “What’s the weather” without saying Hey Google.

Currently, you can use this feature on the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Nest Hub Max, and it may be coming to other Google products in the near future.

How to use?

9to5Google found additional code for the premium smart home device, including “What time is my alarm?”, “Skip this music,” and “Create a reminder.” Other unused code hints at custom short phrases.

Google has already included a warning that “there are a few rules to make sure these [quick phrases] perform well, and you’ll be advised if there are any concerns.” This means you won’t have complete freedom to create new commands, but we’ll have to see how limited they are.

Custom quick phrases are coming to the Nest Hub Max for now, but with the standard feature already on the Pixel 6, we’ll hopefully see them there too. We hope to see unique fast phrases on the Pixel 7 when it releases in October.

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