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Google Chat allows you to send multiple photos and videos

Google Chat

With the latest update to Google Chat, sending many photos or videos at once is now much simpler.

Apparently, you can attach a bunch of different files to a Google Chat message with a single click.

This new feature could improve online collaboration overall, as before users could only attach a single image or video at a time, which sometimes resulted in long wait and loading times for those wanting to transmit many items at once.

Images from Google Chat

The feature’s ease of use is intuitive, as most of us may expect. To transmit an image in a Google Chat, go to the chat’s main menu, then click on the image icon. Simply clicking an image again will deselect it.

Google Hangouts still lets you send files up to 200MB in size in the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, and HEIC.

It was revealed in a Google Workspace update blog post that the new feature will soon be available to users on iOS and Android.

There has been no word on when this feature will become available to web users, but given its obvious potential success, we doubt it will be long in coming.

Upgrade comes after Google Workspace made a promise earlier in the year to facilitate better communication and collaboration across all types of organizations.

Start a Google Meet call from within a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide, and take advantage of new features like polls, Q&As, and automated noise cancellation on a wide range of devices.

Spaces, Google Chat’s new group chat feature, allows you to start a conversation with a large number of people at once and then share it with the rest of your team or the people in your organization. According to the company, this will be especially helpful for having “topic-based dialogues” within the organization, such as having group discussions, writing how-to manuals, and finding mentors.

Additionally, video conferences should now be safer and more participatory than ever before, with the latter point including tools like real-time responses and picture-in-picture video.

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