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Google Fiber may become your ISP

Google Fiber

If you live in one of these states, Google Fiber could soon replace your current internet service provider.

Google Fiber is expanding to new cities and states after five years on pause.

ZDNet stated that CEO Dinni Jain is in talks with city leaders in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Idaho to deliver fiber-to-the-home service to their areas.

Google Fiber will focus on these states over the next few years, but it will also expand in Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and other metro areas where its service is already accessible.

Google Fiber recently announced intentions to expand to Mesa, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. SiFi, Ubiquity, Wyyerd, and Google Fiber can now begin permitting to establish fiber-optic networks in Mesa, according to ABC 15 Arizona.

Google Fiber’s U.S. development was going well until 2016, when CEO Graig Barratt resigned. The service began in 2012 to challenge Comcast and AT&T in the U.S. broadband market.

Google’s Fiber paused its deployment in Los Angeles, Dallas, Tampa, Jacksonville, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, and Oklahoma City after Barrat’s departure.

San Diego is a Google Fiber Webpass city offering point-to-point wireless internet thanks to rooftop antennae.

Not national

If you don’t live in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, or Idaho, you may not get Google’s Fiber.

Jain told Reuters the corporation isn’t planning a statewide launch, saying:

“About ten years ago, there was speculation that Google’s Fiber was planning to cover the entire country. What we’re indicating with this gesture is that “No, we’re not trying to build the whole country.””

Google’s Fiber has been around for a decade, so if it wanted to blanket the entire U.S. with high-speed broadband, it presumably would have already.

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