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Google Photos watch face feature for the Pixel Watch

Google Photos watch face

Google Photos watch face for the Pixel Watch could be one of the upcoming features.  9to5Google discovered code in the Android version of Google Photos that suggests future capability for uploading images to the display of a wearable device.

It appears that you can pick many photos, while the maximum number is still unknown. If more than one image is selected, the watch face will likely rotate through them. Exactly how this will function is unclear at this time.

Google Photos for Everyone

The Google Photos watch face may initially only be available on the Pixel Watch, but it’s likely to roll out to other Wear OS 3 smartwatches in the near future.

However, it’s important to remember that app features frequently come and go. The discovered code may or may not be developed into a full feature.

Since Google acknowledged the Pixel Watch’s existence, there have been numerous rumours about it. Even though it may be a while before it goes on sale, rumours suggest it will have two chipsets and a lower price point than the Apple Watch.

Google’s comeback

Despite the obvious usefulness of being able to utilise photographs of your own choosing as a smartwatch’s watch face, this capability is presently unavailable for Wear OS device owners without installing a third-party app.

The Apple Watch has had this capability for quite some time. You can display pictures of your loved ones, your pets, or your travels across the world on the little screen on your wrist.

This may not seem like a major feature for a smartwatch, but it shows how far Google has to go to catch up. When compared to Apple in the wearable sector, it lags significantly in both hardware and software.

The incorporation of Fitbit into Google should be beneficial; there are already plans to connect Fitbit and Google accounts, and future gadgets should be more refined and attractive as a result. However, at this time, we are still curious as to what features the Pixel Watch will have and how much it will cost.

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