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Google Pixel Tablet latest specs leak

Google Pixel Tablet

While we know that the Google Pixel Tablet exists and will be released in 2023, not much else is known about it at this time. We don’t know all about this slate officially, but leaks are filling in the spaces.

The Pixel Tablet, according to reports from 91mobiles and Kuba Wojciechowski, has reportedly moved past the prototype stage and is now undergoing internal testing.

It has been rumoured that 128GB and 256GB storage capacities would soon be available. The tablet’s 10.95-inch screen and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity make it unusually large for a low-cost device.


A Google-made stylus is rumoured to be in the works for the Pixel Tablet, and we’ve heard that the tablet will offer stylus compatibility before.

Therefore, speculations said the tablet would have 4GB of RAM. Google has announced the device would run on the first-generation Tensor chipset, hence lowering its price and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Android code suggesting a Pixel Tablet Pro may soon give buyers a premium option. By 2023, there may be a few different models.

Low-cost tablet market analysis

Putting aside the Pixel Tablet Pro for now, what we’ve heard says this is a low-end Android tablet suited for viewing movies, receiving emails, and checking social media.

You may have heard that Amazon just announced an updated version of their Amazon Fire HD tablet range. The 32GB tablet costs $99 (£99).

Other candidates exist. Nokia launched the T10, an 8-inch smartphone with 32GB of storage, earlier this year in the UK.

Furthermore, Google hopes its Pixel Tablet’s beautiful design, streamlined software, and reasonable price will help it sell well.

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