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Google Tasks may be worth using after a major update

Google Tasks

The new edition of Google Tasks connects other Google products like Gmail and Google Calendar to the app.

The upgrade will migrate notifications from Google Assistant and Calendar to Google Tasks, providing “a straightforward way to view and manage all your to-dos in one area.”

The Task Booster

Google Tasks was released in 2018, and the company hopes updates will increase interest.

Tasks will soon be connected to Workspace apps like Gmail, Chat, and Calendar to make adding new tasks easier.

New “Add to tasks” buttons in Gmail, Chat, and Calendar make it easier for users to manage their to-do lists and arrange their time. Once generated, these actions can be prioritized using Gmail and Google Drive’s star rating system and checked off.

Google believes that adding Assistant and Calendar reminders to Tasks will help users save ideas and suggestions without having to do so manually. When you set a reminder, your smartphone will inform you. Google will offer users to try Tasks whenever they make a reminder in Assistant or Calendar in the future.

Google’s VP of Product Management said, “We’re upgrading Google’s Tasks to help you collect, organize, and complete tasks.” This new tool integrates reminders directly into Google’s Tasks and helps users get things done conveniently.

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