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Google will stop VPN apps from obstructing ads

VPN apps

VPN apps for Android will no longer be allowed to block Google adverts under a new policy from the search giant.

Google will soon restrict Android Play Store VPN apps from preventing or interfering with ads.

Only VPNs using VPNService, whose major job is to provide a virtual private network, will be allowed to construct a secure device-level tunnel to a distant server starting November 1.

Google says permissible VPNs shouldn’t collect personal or sensitive data without user consent. They shouldn’t reroute or manipulate traffic or ads that affect other services’ monetization.

Android VPNs permitted?

Google announced modifications to its Play Store earlier this year, including limits on Android VPN apps.

Blokada, a Swedish ad-blocking VPN programme, worried that the rule “would impair its software” This refers to v5, which Reda Labdaoui states has had “many takedowns”

VPN programme believes v6 won’t have the same concerns because it employs cloud filtering. Blokada says this should have fewer battery life, device speed, and network speed impacts than local VPN filtering.

DuckDuckGo told The Register: “We don’t think the policy will affect us, but our team is reviewing it.”

iOS VPNs permitted?

iOS user? Not just Google is restricting VPN apps.

Apple requires VPNs to use its NEVPNManager API and that developers be companies, not individuals.

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