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GoPro action cams are getting a major update

GoPro action cams

GoPro action cams have followed a regular update cycle in recent years, but a new teaser suggests the Hero 11 Black will come in two sizes.

GoPro’s intriguing teaser hints at its forthcoming launch on September 14 at 6am PT / 2pm BST / 11 AEST. First time since the original GoPro Session in 2015, the Hero 11 Black will have a little sister.

WinFuture has leaked a Hero 11 Black Mini model. So GoPro posted a teaser film announcing the small action cam with a more regular model that looks like a Hero 10 Black.

The Hero 11 Black Mini, assuming that’s what the little action cam is named, could be the spiritual successor of the 2015-discontinued GoPro Hero Session.

The Mini won’t be as compact as the cube-shaped Session, which weighed 74g. Our GoPro Hero 5 Session review noted the action cam’s low battery life and finicky controls.

The Mini will likely be a Hero 11 Black without the front and rear displays, thus it should have the same sensor and processing capability, according to WinFuture. Hence we’ll have to examine how the two action cams’ varied batteries effect their run times.

Renewed Session?

GoPro’s past comments about expanding into various “types” of action cameras would fit with a new Hero form factor.

During an earnings call transcribed by The Motley Fool, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said “we expect to grow our hardware portfolio from Hero and Max to four camera devices by 2022.”

These four items appear to be the Hero 11 Black, Hero 11 Black Mini, Max, and Hero 10 Black Bones, a US-only drone-friendly model. Woodman says “we expect to extend that by 2023”

GoPro has been refining its portfolio with the GoPro Hero 8 Black to focus on action cameras. With the iPhone 14’s new stabilised ‘Action Mode,’ GoPro looks to be offering more specialised alternatives.

Who needs GoPro action cams ? With the Hero 10 Black Bones covering drone cameras, it may appeal to cyclists, mountain bikers, and surfers who wish to install a GoPro on their helmet. So we hope the price matches its smaller size.

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