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Hidden Android code may expose Pixel Tablet specs

Pixel Tablet

We know the Google Pixel Tablet is genuine and coming, but that’s about it. Google employees may have leaked some of the tablet’s specs in Android code.

As noticed by developer Kuba Wojciechowski (via XDA Developers), the Pixel tablet will likely employ the first-generation Tensor chipset. Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will use a second-generation Tensor chip.

Other code changes suggest 4GB of RAM and front and back cameras similar to the Pixel 6’s selfie camera โ€“ so nothing too spectacular in terms of photo quality.


According to Wojciechowski, the Pixel Tablet won’t have GPS or cellular service, so you’ll have to use Wi-Fi to get online.

The code also confirms that the tablet will function as a Google Nest Hub, providing you control over your smart home and access to Google services. Expect Google Assistant to be prominent.

All of these indicators suggest a low-cost, family-friendly tablet great for perusing the web, catching up on social media, and watching movies โ€” not an iPad Pro.

We need an additional Nexus 7

An ageing processor, less RAM, and no cellular connectivity may sound like disappointing specs for the Pixel Tablet.

When it comes to tablets, it’s preferable to stick to the essentials, especially if it’s cheaper. Many folks merely want to check emails and consume material on their tablet.

See also the Google Nexus 7 โ€” it’s been almost a decade since its final edition arrived, but it had great specs and an affordable pricing.

Amazon’s Fire tablets are inexpensive and accomplish the basics effectively. When it’s released in 2023, we’ll know what the Google Pixel Tablet offers.

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