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IHG is cyberattacked


Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Regent hotels’ parent business, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), confirmed a cyberattack.

IHG issued a statement confirming it was aware of the matter and promising to look into the “unauthorised access” to its systems.

It added that it will contact “relevant regulatory authorities” after further evaluating the “nature, magnitude, and effect of the occurrence.”

Cyberattack on IHG

IHG hotels can “still operate” and “accept direct reservations,” the notification states yet again. If a consumer has to make or change a reservation, they should not use the company’s booking system but instead get in touch with the hotel directly, perhaps via phone.

Although we await further information from the organisation, there are currently no indications that client data has been lost or compromised.

Since September 5, 2022, IHG’s booking channels, among other things, have been down. There has been a surge of complaints from unhappy customers on social media, with one user expressing their frustration on Twitter on Tuesday night: “What is going on with your system?  For at least 19hrs.  Phones and apps not working-  afraid to book anything. No customer service at all”.

When another guest publicly asked Holiday Inn through Twitter if their reservation was still valid, the hotel responded that it was.

Despite our teams’ best efforts, we continue to encounter a systemic problem. If you need immediate assistance, you should call the hotel. Please know that we deeply regret the inconvenience.

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