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Intel VMs are the future, argues Google

Intel VMs

Google wants certain of its enterprise cloud customers to use more expensive Intel VMs for their “most demanding workloads.”

Google has announced the official opening of the Intel Software Center of Excellence in a post on the Google Cloud blog, following the completion of a successful pilot programme in 2021.

Free programme uses include video encoding, web transactions, databases, analytics, and AI inference. Google and Intel will work with successful applications to access and optimize workflow performance.

Customized cloud-based teamwork

Intel’s promise to undertake a custom examination of a company’s infrastructure and generate a detailed report on how to optimize a Google Cloud-based business process may seem enticing.

Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors offer built-in AI acceleration through the AVX-512 set of vector instructions (released in 2013) and the more recent Deep Learning Boost capability, so while the programme itself is free, Intel VMs will cost organizations more.

Virtual machines (VMs) powered by Xeon Scalable processors can speed up some processes, but only if the underlying software is tailored for the technology.

Google and Intel’s “white glove service” for “high-growth enterprises” may have hefty prices and little use cases.

An automated upgrade to the latest Intel processor technology may dissuade firms that have no use for it, are unable to use it, or are unaware of it.

Intel has been the only option for corporations wanting AI acceleration, but this fall, AMD’s newest Epyc server CPUs will enable AVX-512.

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