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iOS 16 will soon add Google Maps and Gmail Lock screen widgets

lock screen widgets

The newest iPhone software update added additional functionality to Apple’s services, and Google will soon add lock screen widgets.

The iOS 16 upgrade gives iPhone 8 and later users an undo button in iMessage and app widgets on the lock screen.

These widgets enable you access critical services and information quickly and are customised to fit your needs.

Google has announced that iOS 16’s lock screen personalization capabilities are coming to its own apps.

Lock screen widgets

Six of Google’s apps will gain lock screen widgets, according to The Keyword blog.

A Google Search widget lets you search by text, voice, or photo, and includes translate and homework assistance from Google Lens. A Gmail widget will show you how many unread mails are waiting and in which folder.

If you prefer Google Maps to Apple’s more private Maps programme, the Maps Frequent Trips widget will provide you real-time travel updates (like your journey home or your commute to work). Google Maps will handle the rest.

Chrome, News, and Drive will also get iOS 16 widgets.

Google’s blog post merely says “expect for all these widgets in the coming weeks,” so there’s no particular date. We should see these widgets shortly, and Google labelling the rundown a “sneak peek” could mean more Google iOS 16 widgets are coming.

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