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iPhone 14 could be available for subscription this year

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 line costs the same or slightly more than the iPhone 13 line did at launch. However, there might soon be a subscription method to buy them.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist with a good track record for Apple leaks, says the corporation may launch the service late this year or early next year.

In his current Power On newsletter, Gurman added, “Apple is actively testing this new service.”

This service wouldn’t merely pay off your iPhone gradually. It would be an ongoing subscription you’d pay for as long as you kept the phone, but would likely feature the ability to swap for a new model and interact with Apple One software subscriptions.

For a (presumably hefty, but undisclosed) monthly charge, you’d have access to Apple’s latest hardware and software services like Apple Music and Apple Fitness Plus.

Gurman says later this year or early next year, while the new iPad Pro 2022 and new iPad 2022 are due in October.

Why wasn’t this at iPhone 14?

Apple might have garnered a lot of sign-ups for its subscription service during the iPhone 14 unveiling, but instead buyers will buy their new phone from Apple or a carrier.

Gurman says Apple did this to “minimise launch day complexity.” It adds a new way to acquire an iPhone.

The iPhone 14 ordering process has been anything but smooth. Some customers were unable to receive their phones on the originally promised release date of September 16.

Some purchasers bought multiple phones despite receiving a failed order notification. So while it could have been lovely to order an iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, or Pro Max on subscription, adding another complication to an already glitchy ordering process probably wouldn’t have gone well.

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