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LG Display is making a portable OLED TV

LG Display

LG Display will have a 20-inch OLED display in 12 months, giving owners of 42- and 48-inch OLED TVs a new countertop alternative.

The Elec validated LG Display vice president Kang Won-allegation seok’s about the smaller display.

According to the LG executive, the desire for smaller sizes is a direct outcome of the epidemic, when more people stayed indoors and were addicted to their personal displays. As a result of this increasing demand, a brand new 20-inch option is now available.

However, it should be noted that LG Display is only accountable for the technological development; it is up to individual manufacturers like LG Electronics, Sony, and Samsung to purchase those panels and incorporate them into consumer electronics devices.

Bendable OLEDs, 77-inch display under development

The Elec reports that the 20-inch OLED wasn’t Samsung’s lone display at the meeting.

LG also showed a bendable OLED that can be adjusted from 800R to 1000R for a more immersive experience. The company also announced its plans to release a 77-inch transparent OLED in 2023.

LG Display hasn’t revealed a second vendor or delivery date for the bending OLED, but it may be close.

Earlier this year, The Guggenheim party had 55-inch transparent OLED displays, so 77 inches would be huge.

All three forum concepts will likely get more attention during CES 2023 in early 2023.

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