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Low-code has the potential to supplant “standard” coding


Recent studies have suggested that low-code methods may soon replace more “conventional” approaches.

According to Mendix’s study, the number of enterprises using low-code for mission-critical solutions rose from 41% in 2021 to 94% in 2022.

According to Gartner’s forecast, the percentage of low-code or no-code apps would rise to 70% by 2025, from 25% in 2020, as stated in the report.

Should I resort to low-code methods?

During the height of the pandemic, several of the benefits listed by Mendix were especially useful.

Due to the economic freeze, many companies had to make extremely difficult choices. According to one survey, 9% of businesses would have had to raise prices or lay off employees to maintain their reputation if they hadn’t switched to low-code.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents agreed that no-code was shifting from a crisis technology to a core technology that they planned to implement in their organisations to gain command over factors like cost. IT, production engineering, product design, and quality control are key areas for low-code.

Besides the financial and insurance industries, the public sector has also been adopting low-code. According to Mendix, low-code has resulted in “improved, centralised, and standardarized citizen ID authentication; improved access to services; and improved planning and management of budget and physical resources,” all of which can have an impact on private companies that interact with government agencies.

Retail, which was formerly only available in person, has being digitized as a result of the epidemic. Even while it can be expensive and time-consuming to design the appropriate software, some stores have employed low-code to create innovations like digital shopping pickup, helping them to respond to market changes and stay competitive.

What and how we do business has changed dramatically in the past two years “Tim Srock, Mendix CEO. “Digitalize operations and communicate with consumers and employees via several channels. Low- and no-code solutions have helped long-standing organizations adapt to changing market conditions and helped emerging businesses compete.

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