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Microsoft Outlook for Web is changing a lot

Microsoft Outlook

Don’t freak out if you log into Microsoft Outlook and notice some cosmetic changes; it’s just a part of the latest upgrade.

To make the web version of Outlook more consistent with its previous incarnations, the business has made a number of layout adjustments to its email service.

As a result, the relative positions of certain quite crucial selections have changed; rest assured, though, that they are all still available.

Changing outlook

Microsoft has warned users that Outlook on the web may soon “change the position of some compose options”

“Send,” “Discard,” and formatting are changed. Microsoft said the upgrade “brings the web experience closer to the traditional and new Outlook for Windows”

The latest post says the modification will take effect in September 2022.

Microsoft updated Outlook to make it more functional and user-friendly.

Recently, the business began rolling out the new performance-focused Outlook to personal account customers.

The new “One Outlook” desktop software features a clean, minimalist aesthetic in accordance with Windows 11’s design philosophy and houses Calendar and Contacts.

The programme can manage Gmail, Yahoo, and other inbox feeds inside Outlook, a bonus for anyone with numerous email accounts.

The business also introduced a stripped-down version of Outlook that can work on basic Android phones. Outlook Lite offers the popular platform’s essential features without draining battery life and system resources on low-end phones.

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