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Microsoft stops accepting check payments in 2022

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Microsoft has informed its customers that, as part of its efforts to update its financial processes, the company would no longer accept check payments.

According to an advisory discovered by The Register, the tech giant recently informed direct-bill partners in the US and Canada that transact through its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme that it will no longer accept check payments as of the month’s end.

Microsoft will stop accepting checks for new company invoices on October 1, 2022.. “Only residents of the United Adds (including Puerto Rico) and Canada will be impacted by this change,” the warning states.

Never again!

Furthermore, beginning of October 1st, Microsoft would no longer include information on how consumers could pay via check on invoices issued. Instead, the corporation will only accept payments via wire transfer or ACH (automated clearing house, sometimes known as simply direct payments).

The company has experienced a continuous reduction in check payments as clients turn to online methods.

Possible impetuses for Microsoft’s search for alternatives to manual check processing include the company’s need to save money and time, as well as the company’s desire to adopt more efficient practises.

Microsoft’s most popular products are getting price hikes, which is bad news.

During 2011, Office 365 cost $5 per user per month. In March 2022, the firm announced its first “substantive” price increase for Office 365, with corporations paying more based on the number of employees when their licences expire.

In addition, Microsoft said in April 2022 that it would be increasing the prices of the Microsoft 365 suite it offers to non-profit organisations by as much as 30% for certain packages.

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