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Microsoft Teams performance is being improved

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is hard at work on a secret update to the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams that will, the company claims, improve the UX.

According to the latest entry in the Microsoft 365 product roadmap, Microsoft eCDN, the company’s own business content delivery network, will soon support Teams.

While the specifics of the roadmap are complicated, the main idea is that Teams users will be able to improve their video streaming experience without having to make any changes to their devices.

Effectiveness of Microsoft Teams

Since there is not much of a functional difference between the best video conferencing and collaboration software, providers are trying to differentiate themselves through improved application performance.

The impending Microsoft update, scheduled by the end of the month, is part of this larger goal. The company hasn’t said how much performance will increase, but every bit helps.

Microsoft has released several improvements for Teams in recent months with the same purpose. The company has optimised its collaboration service for Apple devices, addressed PDF-handling difficulties, and improved web browser support.

This trend is widespread. Google has upgraded Meet to better discriminate between backdrop and foreground, improving light adjustment and background blur. Zoom is adding enhanced security protections to a wider variety of its services.

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