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Microsoft To Do tool on Apple Watch

Microsoft To Do

The Microsoft To Do tool, currently accessible on iOS devices, is getting its own dedicated Apple Watch app in an effort to compete with Apple’s own Reminders service.

Despite being on the company’s roadmap since September 2022, we still have a long wait. The update states, “Now, you can access Microsoft To Do on your Apple Watch. You won’t be able to “check your watch’s agenda, create new items, and finish them until March of 2023.

Microsoft’s To Do app for Apple Watch will compete with Apple’s Reminders, which offers a feature set not dissimilar to Microsoft’s own (including the ability to browse, add, and check off reminders without pulling out your phone).

Apple Watch Features Microsoft “To Do” List

Both Apple Reminders and Microsoft’s To Do for Apple Watch let you read, add, and check off reminders without phone.

The Apple Watch app isn’t the only one developed by the company. Outlook, OneNote, Authenticator, and the PowerPoint remote app have all been adapted for use on the Apple Watch, suggesting that Microsoft is serious about making its programmes available on the competing company’s platforms.

The To Do app for iOS features a number of views, including a global Tasks tab. The Today view, Assigned Tasks, Important Tasks, Entries with Due Dates, and Custom Views are all options for users.

Today, Scheduled, All, Flagged, Completed, and Assigned views are also available in the newest version of Apple Reminders.

Possibly at the upcoming Apple Far Out event, watchOS 9 will be released in the next weeks. Microsoft’s concentration on health, fitness, and wellbeing makes it well-positioned for market share, but March 2023 is far away.

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