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Microsoft’s new business eCDN


Microsoft has declared the release of an eCDN service aimed at corporations, with emphasis on improved video streaming capabilities.

The acquisition of eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) provider Peer5 in August 2021 and subsequent integration of Peer5’s service into the Teams video conferencing platform is what prompted the announcement.

Although Microsoft acknowledges that Teams’ hefty bandwidth could lead to less-than-ideal performance, the company is quick to tout that many businesses rely on Teams as their primary tool for digital, face-to-face collaboration.

According to Microsoft’s blog, eCDN lets clients “seamlessly and securely” stream video from anywhere.

eCDN by Microsoft

Microsoft is hoping that the many businesses that have adopted hybrid work schedules would find the improvements to corporate video conferencing appealing, as more employees are working from home at least part of the week.

Using a mesh network to self-balance as the number of call participants increases, hence the tech giant is eager to highlight the improved network stability that would result from a business deciding to use its eCDN.

It also claims that the tool’s low learning curve and lack of device-side installation make it an attractive option, while the combination of Peer5’s expertise with Microsoft Cloud and Office 365 compliance should make this a reliable option.

Some customers are unhappy that Microsoft eCDN is an added cost, with one user saying, “I’d want to have this as just part of the usual MS Teams licence.” Microsoft eCDN costs $0.50 per user per month with an annual membership.

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