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Mozilla Firefox now performs quicker on low RAM

Mozilla Firefox

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser incorporates enhancements aimed to speed up the user experience.

A streamlined interface for publishing individual emails rather than full threads is one of five advancements in version 105.

Mozilla has made trackpads more useable, making them on par with Chrome and Edge. Instead of using the back and forward buttons, Windows users may now swipe two fingers across the screen to move through the browser’s page history.

Mozilla 105 Firefox

Firefox is now two times faster at searching for individual items in enormous lists, complies with the User Timing L3 specification, and supports partitioned service workers in third-party contexts.

Firefox uses its own Quantum browser engine to “ensure your data is handled properly and kept private,” whereas all other browsers appear to be based on the open-source Chromium project. The article on Mozilla’s homepage touts Firefox’s ability to automatically block tracking cookies, cryptomining scripts, and social trackers.

Mozilla now crashes less frequently and runs more smoothly under Linux, and Windows due to greater support for low-memory conditions. Unintentional diagonal scrolling has been smoothed out, enhancing the trackpad’s usability for Mac users.

Firefox may be updated instantly on Linux machines running Ubuntu 16.04, macOS 10.12 Sierra, and Windows 7 and later machines. The Firefox website gives installation prerequisites. Version 105 for mobile devices has also been published, focused on stability and technical improvements rather than new features.

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