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My most-anticipated Apple Watch 8 feature may not work at launch

Apple Watch 8

Apple Watch 8 is rumoured to measure skin temperature. This instrument may track sleep cycles, identify fevers, and detect ovulation.

The new Apple Watch may not have a body temperature sensor when it’s released in September.

However, a recent MacRumors story suggests that the Apple Watch 8’s fever detection feature may not be available in time for its release.

If so, it’s a shame. In our health-conscious environment, the ability to detect fever would be a game-changer. This function would give me piece of mind as someone who still takes a Covid-19 test before travelling or visiting elderly relatives.

If my Apple Watch says I have a fever, I stay home to avoid getting others sick.

This follows disappointing news concerning the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s infrared temperature sensor. The Galaxy Watch 5 would use skin temperature to track sleep like the Apple Watch 8’s speculated sensor.

Despite Samsung boasting about the function before the Galaxy Watch 5’s introduction, it’s not live yet but will be “soon.”

As for Apple, it’s unclear if the fever detection capability can be introduced via a firmware update post-launch or if it’s a hardware issue that won’t be fixed until the Apple Watch 9 arrives. Apple’s September announcements are awaited.

Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition are coming.

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