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NVIDIA GeForce NOW makes Apple’s latest hardware a gaming PC

GeForce NOW

Apple is close to launching numerous new goods, beginning with the iPhone 14 series in September and continuing throughout the year. While Apple’s latest hardware and software are immaculate, it may be difficult to keep up with the latest games, which tend to hit PCs and consoles before Apple’s ecosystem – if they ever do. GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s solution.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW lets you play PC games on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. No side loading required. Your MacBook won’t need Windows. You won’t have to fight driver incompatibility to make your system support unsupported graphics cards.


Sign up for Geforce NOW, link your game libraries, and play. You may run GeForce NOW on iOS by opening it in your browser and adding a shortcut to your home screen. The service has a Mac app.

GeForce NOW for Apple devices gives you access to a vast variety of PC games. You can also use your device’s features. With NVIDIA GeForce NOW RTX 3080, you can play games at up to 1440p/120FPS on Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets, and all of the current iPhones.

While you get PC gaming deliciousness, you can enjoy Apple ecosystem features like long-term software support, blue chat bubbles, and 5G connectivity (which can keep you gaming on the go even without Wi-Fi).

Once you’re ready to rumble on GeForce NOW, you can play Rumbleverse, Fortnite, and other free-to-play games or AAA blockbusters like Saints Row 5. Crysis Remastered showcases a cloud-based gaming PC’s power. Dying Light 2: Stay Human showcases RTX real-time ray tracing. GeForce NOW doesn’t require you to acquire games you already own on Steam, Epic Games, or other supported libraries.

With GeForce NOW, you can play games on many devices almost anywhere. And it’s expanding. The service regularly adds new games and gets more powerful, as with the RTX 3080 subscription. Follow the Nvidia Thursdays blog or Twitter and Facebook to learn about new games.

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