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PS5 update is great if you don’t have a 4K TV

PS5 update

Sony’s new PS5 update adds 1440p support and other software upgrades.

Support for the resolution was first enabled in a July PS5 test firmware upgrade, but Sony says it’s now available internationally. If a game supports 1440p, it’ll match your monitor’s resolution. 4K games will use enhanced anti-aliasing to run at 1440p.

Before, the console could only output 1080p and 4K. If you ran your PS5 through a 1440p display, the extra pixels would be wasted. This update lets you experience your display’s high resolution without buying a 4K TV.

That’s a big, long-awaited improvement. 1440p is popular among PC gamers who utilise their desk monitor as their main console display. The PS5’s absence of compatibility stood out against the Xbox Series X|S, which has supported the resolution since launch.

Featured software

PS5 update adds folders. You may organise games into ‘gamelists,’ making your library easier to navigate. To create one, click ‘Your Collection’ and ‘Create Gamelist’ You can create 15 folders with 100 games each, gathering disc, digital, and streaming titles.

There are new social features. You can now issue a Share Screen request to party members over voice chat to watch their gameplay. The PlayStation app has also been updated.

Also, joining friends’ games is easy. When you join a party with an already-playing member, a notification invites you to join them. It’s hardly innovative, but it reduces button pushes.

Sony’s PS5 YouTube app now allows voice searches. You can open the app by saying “Hey PlayStation, discover [keyword] on YouTube.” Future now.

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