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Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 is your monitor


A Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 display is a great investment if you enjoy participating in competitive online gaming.

Samsung unveils its first OLED gaming monitor. Odyssey OLED G8 is a feature-packed TV.

The G8’s 0.1ms response time is 1/10th that of some of the greatest gaming monitors. Ultra-thin design and high-quality display make this one of the greatest ultrawide monitors.

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 is a 34-inch monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a thickness of 3.9mm (0.15 inches). It’s 1800R curved for enhanced immersion.

The G8 display can generate Quad HD quality (3330 x 1440 pixels) at 175 Hz, making it one of the fastest monitors available. This display strikes the optimal mix between esports performance and magnificent OLED aesthetics, so esports gamers can enjoy both.

Display Technology

Quantum Dot Technology ensures colours don’t wash out at high brightness. Samsung argues that OLED monitors lose image quality when the brightness is pushed increased, compromising colour. It claims OLEDs lose efficacy over time and become “prone to burn-in, or ghost images…”

Quantum Dot Technology uses nanoparticles on every pixel to preserve bright, vivid colours and reduce burn-in. The G8 can duplicate 99.3% of the DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives – Protocol 3) colour space, a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers image standard. The monitor displays 99.3% of the colour spectrum.

The G8 is also VESA DisplayHDR 400 True Certified, a relatively new standard that came out in 2021 to assure more accurate colour and shadow contrast. AMC FreeSync Premium offers smooth gameplay without graphics card lag or screen tearing.

Functions geared for gamers

Beyond the fast response rate, there are gamer-centric features. The G8’s user interface has many media hubs.

Samsung’s Smart Hub gives access to streaming sites like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Samsung TV Plus. There is also an IoT (internet of things) hub that allows users to monitor any device directly connected to the G8. The Gaming Hub gives direct access to video game streaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass, and Google Stadia if you have it.

Hardware additions complete the gameplay features. For a more immersive experience, Samsung introduced CoreSync and CoreLighting Plus RGB lights. Micro HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, and USB-C interfaces are available. The capabilities of a 5W stereo speaker are unknown.

Samsung expects a global debut in Q4 2022, although price and release date are unknown. Odyssey OLED G8 could launch in October, but that’s definitely wishful thinking. We can’t wait to have one of these fantastic monitors.

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