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Share your Xbox Game Pass? This leak offers hope

Xbox Game Pass

A purported Windows insider revealed new branding on Twitter that says account users will be able to share Xbox Game Pass with friends and family.

According to a tweet seen by The Verge, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers may be able to switch to a family plan.

Let’s all share

Many Xbox Game Pass subscribers have asked Microsoft to add a sharing option so that their friends may join in on the fun without actually paying for a subscription. This would be similar to the benefits offered by Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Aggiornamenti Lumia, a Twitter source, found interesting branding for the games subscription service in Colombia and Ireland.

The Xbox logo now appears above the phrase “family and friends,” suggesting that game sharing with people outside of your household can gain permission, in contrast to Netflix’s recent efforts to crack down on password sharing.

While it is unclear whether this will extend to the PC version of Game Pass, those who are interested in participating should prepare by purchasing the finest PC controllers money can buy just in case.

The current monthly fee for an Xbox Games Pass subscription is $9.99.

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