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Skull and Bones playtest starts today; here’s how to join

Skull and Bones

Another playtest of Skull and Bones is being held to fine-tune the game before its release, and you might participate!

Our anticipation for Skull & Bones’ arrival has been building ever since it was initially unveiled at E3 2017. Even though the official release date isn’t until November 8, a small set of players have already had access to the game through the Insider Program and the Skull & Bones beta. While only PC users can join the Insider Program, anyone can participate in the beta test. Also, you could get an invite to the playtest this coming weekend.

Today, September 16, at around 2:00 in the morning, the Skull & Bones playtest officially began. On Sunday, September 18 at 7pm PT/10pm ET (Monday, September 19 at 3am BST/12pm AEST), it will come to a close. Here are the procedures to follow if you want to join us.

Registration instructions for the Skull & Bones beta

Affiliate Yourself

There’s a good chance you’ve already failed before you even started unless you figured out how to travel through time. What you just did was sign up for our live Skull and Bones testing site. There is still time for testing before the 8th of November, but that is no guarantee. As Twitter leaker Tom Henderson puts it: “This playtest is to help the developers complete refining the game.” Additionally, one can never have too much shine.

Have a look at your inbox

Just in case you, like me, registered then promptly forgot about it, check your inbox. Skull and Bones sent me an email with the subject “confirmation: technical test.” Check your email to see if you made the cut.

Adhere to the Nondisclosure Agreement

First, you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement before you may hit the open seas. The email specifies a stringent nondisclosure agreement. Go ahead and accept the NDA if you’re comfortable with what you see after clicking through and reading it. You can also check and make any necessary adjustments to your current platform selection. The PS5 Skull and Bones playtest registration process was simple and quick after I made my initial selection.

Here’s where you can get your download code

Either wait for the email with your code to arrive, or return to the website via the link provided in the email and enter the code there. Then, you may redeem it on your platform’s digital distribution portal and wait for the download to begin. You can get in as soon as it’s finished.

We hope that the playtest will give you a good enough picture of what to expect from Skull & Bones that you’ll be able to make up your mind about whether or not to buy it when it comes out in November. There is also the matter of cost to think about.

The news that Skull & Bones will cost $70, in line with the rest of Ubisoft’s triple-A games, was dropped by CEO Yves Guillemot. Guillemot told Axios that “At least some of the titles would cost the same as their rivals. To see the top triple-A games, you should expect to pay $70.”

Even if the specifics are different, Sony is currently being sued for charging excessive pricing for its video games. Nonetheless, if everyone follows suit, we’ll end up paying more no matter what happens.

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