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Skullcandy targets gaming ears


Skullcandy is making a comeback to the gaming industry with the release of their SLYR, SLYR Pro, and PLYR headphones.

Skullcandy’s last gaming headset, the PLYR 2, is no longer available. Since then, the gaming headset industry has developed rapidly, making Skullcandy’s work harder. The announcement advises offering headsets with various functions, compatible with different systems, and at a reasonable price.

These headphones are available on Skullcandy’s online store and operate with your computer, smartphone, and game console.

Indicators and data

First, the $59.99 SLYR headset. This is the basic model of three. It’s an easy-to-use set of headphones for listening. Skullcandy says its two 50mm drivers generate “rich, detailed sound.” On the cups are a mute button, volume control, and an extendable microphone. An unadorned headset.

The $99.99 SLYR Pro comes with added functions. AI-powered Clear Voice Smart Mic eliminates echo and improves audio quality. Skullcandy’s new app and hearing test allow gamers fine-tune their audio. Equalization controls and a volume slider let you balance the game and voice chat. Skullcandy touts the SLYR Pro’s battery life. 24-hours. Charges rapidly.

It’s unclear what the PLYR headset’s ($129.99) other features are. The PLYR headset has Bluetooth 5.2 and an embedded Tile function. Using the Tile app, you may “ring” your lost PLYR headset. Each headset supports Bluetooth 5.2 if you look at its technical characteristics. SLYR Pro includes Tile’s tracking technology.

Skullcandy explained the differences between the PLYR and SLYR Pro. Where was the Skull-HQ sound management app hosted? We’re not aware of any web app marketplaces carrying it.

Acceptable earphones

We enjoy Skullcandy’s latest headphones, but two are identical. Skullcandy’s innovations raise the question of whether they can compete with industry titans. These headphones are targeted towards casual gamers who don’t want to tweak the settings. So far, so good.

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