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Sony’s PlayStation Stars rewards scheme debuts in September

PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars rewards you for utilising your PS5 or PS4 with digital prizes. By accomplishing challenges, such as unlocking a trophy or playing a game, you can earn loyalty points redeemable for treats.

Sony revealed the PlayStation Stars rewards scheme would debut in Asia in September, followed by North America and Europe in the weeks that followed during their most recent State of Play showcase.

PlayStation Stars

You may use your Stars loyalty points to buy games from the PS Store, and you can also use them to buy a variety of “digital collectibles.” Essentially, they’re plastic models of various Sony products. Sony displayed several of the artefacts, such as an Ape Escape diorama, a model PS3, and a Sony MP3 player, during the State of Play.

They are “digital representations of items that PlayStation fans adore, including miniatures of popular and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as valued technologies that delve into Sony’s legacy of innovation,” as stated in a post on the Sony blog.

Sony stressed the idea that “there will always be something fresh to gather and show off to your friends” during the presentation. After the release of PlayStation Stars, the amount of digital collectibles is only going to increase.

Grace Chen, Sony’s vp of network advertising, loyalty, and licenced items, told the Washington Post earlier this year that the digital collectibles were not NFTs and did not utilise blockchain technology.

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