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T-Mobile uses an app to woo iPhone users


T-Mobile new iPhone plan simplifies the process and gives new customers three months to experience the network. eSIM is used.

Thanks to eSIM, your new phone may not need a real SIM card. Since the iPhone XS, Apple’s top iPhones have supported eSIM, including the iPhone 13.

All major US carriers enable eSIM, which links to a phone account or accounts without a physical SIM card. You scan a carrier’s QR code during setup. Your phone must be connected to Wi-Fi to download the eSIM software to access your carrier’s network.

T-Mobile has discovered the QR code is useless for downloading software. Download the carrier’s app from Apple’s App Store to access your iPhone’s eSIM without a QR code.

If you’re ready to transfer yourself (and your family) permanently, there’s an Easy Switch function. If you only want to try Magenta for a short time, the Network Pass trial offer gives you three months of free access via eSIM.

Unlocked phones can use T-eSIM Mobile’s service. Verizon sells SIM-unlocked phones, so that’s easy. Compatibility issues arise with AT&T iPhones. T-app Mobile’s explains how to unlock AT&T or Verizon phones.

Businesses and consumers can use this three-month offer. T-Mobile claims its Android app will ultimately enable eSIM switching, but only on iPhones for now.

Could this prompt a switcheroo?

We’ve seen eSIM tech on phones for a while, and carriers make it easy to activate an eSIM by using a QR code, but T-new Mobile’s technique gives consumers even more leverage when switching providers.

If it’s as easy as installing an app, why not test it, especially if T-Mobile pays for three months? Don’t cancel your plan; call your carrier to halt it.

People who want to transfer carriers want to try T-Mobile first, the company claims. T-Mobile says switchers don’t review cell network coverage maps. Maps are a horrible way to choose a cellular provider. Maps don’t tell you if the service will just function in your kitchen or basement office.

T-Mobile may be the first to use the app-based eSIM switchover solution, but why not smaller carriers like Verizon and AT&T?

Mint Mobile currently supports eSIM, so it wouldn’t be a great leap to see them searching for switchers by releasing an app.

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