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Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 3 will be modified

Salmon Run

Salmon Run is getting an overhaul in Splatoon 3. A more approachable one.

Splatoon 3 doesn’t come out until September 9, but a recent presentation gave a sneak peek. That featured further info on Splatoon 2’s horde-like Salmon’s Run.

It will be available “at any moment,” Nintendo said post-Direct. In Splatoon 2, this mode was a limited-time mode that could only be played on specified days and times.


This tweak to Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run mode is so nice. Squids and octolings can now access Mr. Grizz’s dark side job. They’re no longer limited by a schedule to play the mode.

I get why Nintendo time-gated Salmon Run in Splatoon 2. Developers feared it would distract players from the main game. Turf War multiplayer battles. Salmon Run’s popularity made that decision backfire.

The adjustment may reduceĀ FOMO. Salmon Run awards in Splatoon 2 were time-locked, like the mode. Now that players can enter the mode whenever they choose, this shouldn’t be an issue.

It’ll give Splatoon 3 players more alternatives. The game will provide multiplayer options and a single-player campaign (not to mention the fantastic-looking Tableturf Battle card game). It’s fantastic to see Nintendo raise Salmon mode to one of Splatoon 3’s foundations.

Nintendo’s inaugural Splatfest lets users try out Splatoon 3 before its release. Splatoon 3’s competitive tournaments will provide three teams instead of two.

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