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The iPhone 14 Max may be renamed

iPhone 14 Max

Apple will debut an iPhone 14 Max instead of an iPhone 14 tiny, with this new device functioning as a big-screen iPhone 14 (without the Pro line’s frills). While this phone exists, its name is uncertain.

According to leaker @Tommyboiiiii, this phone may be called the iPhone 14 Plus.

Their initial evidence is a photo of case packaging with the name ‘iPhone 14 Plus’ printed on it. They followed that up with a Tweet linking to the source – case-maker ESR’s official website, where an iPhone 14 Plus is mentioned, and a screenshot of a Casetify page, which also mentions that name.

Both are recognised third-party case manufacturers, so ‘Plus’ could be correct.

Most leakers point to the 14 Max, so they may just be speculating or using placeholder text. This new rumour should be treated with caution.

Max comes out on top

iPhone 14 Plus is a possibility, but iPhone 14 Max sounds better.

The 14 Max will be a larger version of the iPhone 14, like the 14 Pro Max. Including “Plus” only makes things more confusing.

While there is an argument for using Plus when the only difference is the screen size, the simpler and more obvious choice is Max because Apple’s ‘Pro Max’ models often feature more than simply a larger screen.

An iPhone 14 Max could appear on September 7, but it won’t be in our best iPhone guide.

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