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This game is like Pokémon Go for superheroes

Pokémon Go

Niantic, the company that created Pokémon Go, is developing an augmented reality mobile game set in the Marvel universe.

In Marvel World of Heroes, augmented reality games à la Pokémon Go will be combined with the costumes of comic book heroes. You may create your own crime-fighting character and use them to battle bad guys in your own Augmented Reality (AR) neighbourhood, as announced in a brief teaser trailer.

“Create your own hero, police your neighbourhood to stop crimes, and team up with your friends and iconic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine to rescue the Multiverse,” the game’s description states.

Amazing Marvel Go

Marvel World of Heroes, inspired by Niantic’s augmented reality smartphone games, isn’t a perfect clone of monster catch-em-all. According to senior game designer Neil Melville’s blog post, players have “a lot of flexibility to express diverse body types, gender expressions, and wardrobe modification” in the game.

Senior producer Lyza Faylona has stated that massively multiplayer online role-playing games served as an inspiration for the team and that they hope to capture the same sense of scale. The developers are putting a heavy focus on free exploration and the ability to use superhuman abilities to interact with the mundane world.

As opposed to Pokémon Go, it appears that you will be actively participating in battles rather than simply capturing creatures for use in them. In the teaser, players wield Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, laser-shooting eyes from Cyclops, and energy shields from Doctor Strange, which are spherical and orange. You’ll also have the option to join forces with other players, though the specifics of cooperative fights are still unknown.

World of Heroes will soft launch “soon”. But the game’s website features a sign-up form for those interested in participating in the beta test.

This is not Niantic’s first time reusing Pokémon Go’s augmented reality mechanics in a different game. Before we can say whether World of Heroes is among the greatest Android mobile games, we must wait for the company to release their pet simulator Peridot this year.

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